Enhancing “Smart” Comic Naming

This article is obsolete with version 2.21 or newer. The algorithm is no longer user-visible.

Comic Seer sorts, organizes, and displays comics based on their file name. It tries to make a ‘best guess’ on what that name should be, but it is not always perfect. Starting with Comic Seer version 2.00, how this “smart” naming works is configurable if you are familiar with perl-style regular expressions.

Regular Expressions are a tool used for reading and parsing text. In this case, they are used to parse a comic file name and put it into four components: base name, volume, part, and issue. These components are then taken separately and put back together to make a pretty name. For example, “ComicABC Volume01 023.cbz” will be shown in Comic Seer as “ComicABC V1 #23.”

In the v2.00 release of Comic Seer, there was a problem such that “Mind the Gap 001” was being shown incorrectly.




Luckily, this can now be fixed without a new version of Comic Seer. (Although, a fixed regular expression will be provided in the next release)

When you run Comic Seer on your computer, a file by the name of “ComicSeer.ini” is created in your user preferences directory (ie on Windows 7: this is C:Users<user>AppDataLocalXylasoftComicSeer”). This is where all of your preferences are stored and this is where the regular expression is stored for parsing comic file names.




The “ComicNameRegex” string can be edited and replaced as you desire, where the most current “recommended” can always be found in the forums.


By replacing this text (after the equal ‘=’ sign) and opening Comic Seer again, it will use the updated regular expression and you will now see the updated naming. (Note: if there is a problem with your regular expression and the comic name is not being recognized, your comic names will default to the original file name)



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