Using Rebex FTP in Comic Seer App for secure file transfers

The Comic Seer Windows App continues to improve week-by-week. With functionality that ranges from visualization to cloud storage, it can be very beneficial to take advantage of tools that are already proven to be reliable and fast to develop. Comic Seer was built on FTP to synchronize files between devices, currently including preference and bookmark synchronization.


Comic Seer Bookmark Import


In the past, an open source FTP client was used in Comic Seer. It took about a week of work to get it to behave correctly, and even then, it was not very secure and slow. Many technologies were evaluated to replace the FTP client, such as web services or remote databases. The downside of these technologies means that you also need to develop server-side code, which is an additional investment of time and limits the ability to delivery new features in the application. Additionally, there are limitations on which of these technologies will pass certification in a Windows Store App. For instance, you cannot connect directly to a remote database.


Luckily, I came across Rebex FTP. I was not optimistic since I looked at many technologies, but gave it a try. The first thing I noticed was how simple it was to code. A sample snippet that connects and uploads:


byte[] myData = theDataOrFileContent;
using (Ftp ftp = new Ftp())
await ftp.ConnectAsync(_host, 21, SslMode.Explicit);
await ftp.LoginAsync(_userName, _password);
await ftp.PutFileAsync(myData.AsBuffer().AsStream(), filename);


This snippet is not only simpler, but it is also SECURE and WORKS EXACTLY AS INTENDED. If you do much coding with third party libraries, you may have realized that few behave as you would expect on first use. There are usually nuances that slow you down or even end up prohibiting the delivery of the functionality you want to build.




In the case of Comic Seer, this will allow the building of more complex features in the future with less effort. For instance, the ability to synchronize comic books across devices without doing your own file management (eg: USB stick or cloud storage). Rebex FTP is HIGHLY recommended for those looking to leverage FTP services, especially from a Windows Store App. Look for new features in the Comic Seer App in the coming months.

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